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Wuri Soedjatmiko.

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No abstract available. In this paper, the authors describe a classroom inquiry by a newly graduated English language teacher on the explicit teaching of vocabulary with one class of 40 pupils at the upper primary levels thr The current research aimed to explore the rhetorical moves in abstracts of English and Persian Mining Engineering research articles. For this purpose, 60 abstracts written by native speakers of Englis Addressing their concern about status inequalities among teachers of English, in this viewpoint paper, the authors argue that characteristics related to association with an Inner Circle country, Cauca Hui-Ming Lucy Lee.

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This study aimed to explore the amount of time EFL learners spent practicing listening and to assess the relationships among time, proficiency, and proficiency change. The participants consisted of University English books as the chief source of learning English are remarkably important and investigating their content quality can lead to English learning improvement.

This study investigates lear Roy Randy Y. This paper attempts to demonstrate Norman Fairclough's Critical Discourse Analysis CDA framework by conducting internal and external level analyses on two online news articles that report on the Mor Nadia Nathania. WeChat is one of the world's leading mobile application that has over one billion users inside and outside of China.

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WeChat is actively used by a group of approximately one hundred Indonesian students Sri Indrawati. This study is a quasi-experimental research analyzing the reading comprehension achievement of the eleventh graders of Senior High School in Surabaya.

This experimental research is comparing the effec The act of reading has been made more complex in the 21st century with the proliferation of multimodal texts. Irina Mihaela Stanescu.

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The study explores the meaning of learning styles and strategies and attempts to find a relationship between the two in the context of English language learning. The research is conducted in Thailand Joaninho Xavier Hei.

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In , when Reyna was nine, she left Iguala to make her own journey north. She entered the U. She later received her M. In addition to his international projects, Tai Soo and his firm have made their mark on the city of Hartford.

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Tai Soo regularly walks in Elizabeth Park, and recently made a significant gift to the Elizabeth Park Foundation to plant trees. The Caroline M. Hewins Medal recognizes an individual who embraces the City of Hartford and its people, who breaks the mold and provides service of a revolutionary kind, who stretches the boundaries of a social or cultural institution with a humanistic approach to public service, and who shows strong guardianship of and advocacy for the basic right of equal access to information and opportunity.

Caroline Maria Hewins was a revolutionary librarian and advocate who helped establish the Hartford Public Library and significantly enlarge the very idea of what a public library could be in America.

She came to Hartford at age 29 in to serve as librarian at the Young Men's Institute of Hartford, worked through its merger with Hartford Library Association four years later, then oversaw the institution's transition to a free public library serving all the city's citizens in