e-book Intelligence Estimates: How Useful to Congress?

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The hearing also touched on ways to improve the flow of climate information from civilian agencies such as NASA to the intelligence community. Absent extensive mitigating factors or events, we see few plausible future scenarios where significant harm does not arise from the compounded effects of climate change. The New York Times published a draft of the testimony showing extensive edits by a White House official, thought to be William Happer, disputing various references to scientific studies on the expected negative impacts of climate change.

Happer is a prominent physicist at Princeton University and a vocal opponent of the scientific consensus on climate change, who has often expressed the view that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will prove beneficial on balance. This year, Happer has reportedly advocated for the White House to establish a panel that would scrutinize recent government assessments of climate change impacts, drawing the ire of congressional Democrats.

The scope of the proposed assessment remains unclear, though it was initially reported to focus on the national security implications of climate change and later shifted to the integrity of climate assessments more generally. How aggressively the White House will press its views on climate science remains to be seen, but congressional Democrats have begun to scrutinize its tactics.

Aharon Ze'evi Farkash on Iran and the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (part 2)

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Intelligence Estimates: How Useful to Congress?

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Intelligence Estimates: How Useful to Congress?

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