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Five chapters identify Intersections , where literature and religion meet in ethics Felch , dwelling Julia Reinhard Lupton , imagination Matthew Potts , sacrifice Michon M. Matthiesen , and repetition Susannah Brietz Monta. This organization is oriented more toward beliefs and practices than critical or social theorizing. Why the scare quotes?

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The essayists realize that literature and religion are contested constructs that do invite theoretical questions. For example, VanZanten asks whether oral literature makes meanings as inscribed texts do.

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Secular and postsecular are also constructs. Ni speaks for all the writers in arguing that binaries like religion and secular, or secular and postsecular are misleading when not simply wrong. They overlap, often ambiguously. Another binary would be confessional versus disinterested. However, their different takes on confession give rise to insights and questions.

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For Williams, theology can appreciate this reticence: faith should resist certitude when discerning the depths of relations with persons or with God. Wilson requires trinitarian aesthetics to see dimensions in art and reality that Wilde cannot. Branch and Petuleanu read works grounded in, and illuminated by, Eastern Orthodoxy, seeking places where finite love rises into eternal love theosis. Another dimension that secularisms cannot readily imagine is redemptive sacrifice.

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A temptation in confessional reading is special pleading; the great virtue is glimpsing what secular criticism, and indeed our own confessions, miss. Nor is one tradition: literature lets us see more life , through different confessional visions. We wanted to share these findings with a wider audience but ran into some obstacles when thinking of how to do it. It was important to keep the research accessible and engaging, so that people would be compelled to read it.

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Readers could use their imaginations to get into the business mindset and make choices about sourcing a product, choosing a theme, marketing, and more. The journey to launching a store is based on many small and large decisions, some expected, some not.

The reader had the opportunity to make a choice on one page, which would lead to many more decisions:. New entrepreneurs did not always know what to expect after they made a particular decision. As researchers, we were responsible for communicating this experience. We chose a non-linear story format to represent this reality. We spent a lot of time empathizing with our colleagues and entrepreneurs as we created this story.

We prioritized the needs of our audience as we chose a format. We wanted to create empathy for entrepreneurs, so our central character was kept as universal as possible. Free to play CYOA text based adventure. Guardian Maia. The people of a tribal settlement in Fiordland are protected by guardians and one guardian, Maia, lives outside the settlement, in the forest as she protects the Pa from hostile outside forces.

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Her duty is not only to protect the people but to ensure the forest and its beings are also protected. Her strength, her speed and her ability to speak with birds have always set her apart from others. As a guardian she is tolerated.

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As a woman she is feared. Guardian Ep 1 introduces the audience to Maia's world as she embarks on a journey to save her friend. Guardian Ep 1 - Released. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.