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As we approach the scene on a sweltering July day, techno beats throb through the outer walls. The doors open: The first impression is of a riot of paint spilling out all at once, a far cry from the usual atmosphere. A display on the history of skateboarding opens into a gallery packed with skate ramps; every surface is a tangle of throw-ups and tags. Around the corner, a room full of paste-ups, stickers, tags and hand-styles; upstairs, full-color murals and displays about the history of the Vienna scene. Although most street locations may only be the haunts of neighbors and regulars.

It bloomed as a product of hip- hop culture, along with rap and breakdancing. In the embers of the South Bronx infernos, singed by the broken promises of the civil rights movement, a generation of youth — many black or Latino, and almost always male — decided graffiti might be their best and only way to be seen. The movement spread like wildfire.

In , graffiti sprayed across the Atlantic in the wake of East Coast rappers and breakdancers off to tour first the UK and then Western Europe. London adopted and then adapted the new art form, making it the visual counterpart to their own up-and-coming youth culture and music: Punk rock which, more than hip-hop, then became closely associated with European graffiti culture.

Robert Perez , aka Deadbeat Hero, graffiti artist. Back in the USA, graffiti was making moves from the streets into galleries, and some writers were giving up words in favor of face-and character- filled paintings on the streets. It was this art that the gate-keepers of high society finally acknowledged. Within two decades, many street artists were taking it to the bank, literally: BANKSY fascinates the art world to this day, and makes millions.

In the U.

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From the London underground in the s, the art form spread to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, eventually making its way all across Europe and into Vienna. The Berlin Wall was famously covered in graffiti — at least on the Western side. When it fell, graffiti spread into Eastern European countries now marinating in turmoil. Perhaps because of this history — and to get away from the law — artists today still prize derelict buildings as sites for their work. While it may be an art executed mostly to impress other writers who will trek to the boonies to see it, in the age of Instagram every space becomes visible anywhere.

Whole abandoned rural towns in Slovakia and Czechia are covered in art that would hardly be seen if it were not for the Internet — which now plays a vital role in blending styles around the globe.

Kyselak was Here

What began in NYC with writers tagging their nickname has developed into a global art form. Not just styles but the writers themselves now flow across the globe — as San Antonio, Texas, native Perez exemplifies. Perez is a big member of the street art scene in Vienna, doing about 72 murals each year. His style portrays cartoon-like characters with the firmly planted skill of an illustrator.

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