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Simply something you need to do every day. There are some results from meditation that are immediate. You immediately feel better, more at ease, after most practice sessions. Other results come in a few months — actually research shows that with daily meditation, even after 8 weeks you already have some noticeable results. And some deeper results may come as years pass by.

That type of attitude. Just keep building it.

50 Meditation Tips & Answers to Common Questions

How to take the space you find during meditation and integrate it in your daily life? Well, one activity at a time. A Zen Master Heyla Downey zenafrica. Then, in the following week, you keep doing it but add a second activity. Do this for 20 weeks, and mindfulness will have impregnated your life. Finally, if you like to build motivation around your practice, consider going through the value discovery process.

Once you know your top life values, make a list of 10 ways that you think meditation empowers you to live and fulfill your life values.

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The less you expect of your meditation practice, the more benefits you will get. Click To Tweet. Finally, check out also my 5-Week Meditation Course, Master Your Mind , for a step-by-step program to help you get started with meditation, choose the right technique for you, and integrate your practice in daily life. It depends on the person. I personally started meditating at night, and after a few years moved into the morning, which I now prefer.

On the other hand meditating at night does help you have a better sleep.

Q&A: Short Meditation Sessions

Also, if you are a night person, you may find yourself more alert for practicing at night. Meditating always in the same place and time is a good help in focusing the mind. There is less distraction involved. I usually find it easier to focus when I meditate in my preferred spot.

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Yet, at times I felt a different freshness in the practice when I sat on different places at home and in nature. So, to sum it up: have your favorite meditation place in your house, but from time to time try different places. You can start with anything — even 1 minute a day is good. The most important thing is that it be every day.

If you have good discipline and willpower, you can start with 20min straight away. Protect it.

Ask Deepak: Meditation Q & A

This is very important. Remember that consistency is the most important. Meditation is better done daily. Is it okay to meditate in bed to build habit? The body and mind are VERY connected, so they influence each other.

Q&A On Meditation – Mangala Vihara

The posture you take can help concentration, or can act as a distraction. The ideal position to meditate is seated down, without leaning your spine.

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By time, however, I would encourage you to use seated positions. The key element of this posture is having the spine fully erect and unsupported from the pelvis to the neck , and your arms and legs relaxed. As we are not used to being with our backs unsupported, this may take a bit of time to get use to and to develop the back muscles. Having said that, it is definitely possible and good to meditate laying down also.

Especially if you are in your first weeks of practice, or if you are doing guided meditations, I would not worry much about doing it laying down.