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South African Great White Shark Facts

Please enter your email address, we will send you an email immediately with instructions on how to reset your password:. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies to offer you service and offers tailored to your interests. Discover the excellent Auckland Aquarium. Dive with sharks. Meet the penguins. Description Options Good to know Reviews. Options When making your booking you will be asked to choose one of the following options: Shark Dive: Using full dive equipment provided cage free dive with the sharks for an amazing adrenalin packed experience - thrills guaranteed!

The preparation and dive lasts approximately 2. Shark Cage: using the mask and snorkel provided, get close to the sharks from inside a protective cage which allows you to admire these ocean predators close up. The experience takes approximately 1 hour - 15 minutes spent snorkelling in the cage. The Shark Dive session takes place at am.

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You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booked session. There are two Shark Cage dive sessions : pm and pm.

Dive sessions will have a maximum of 6 people You must be at least 1. Learn more and book tickets.

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Ever wonder what thousands of sardines eat for lunch? This tour is an efficient 30 minutes, making it the perfect addition to your next visit or special touch for a birthday party. Our most in-depth tour starts before we open the doors to the public. You'll get a new view of the Aquarium in this behind-the-scenes adventure—and help us serve breakfast to many of our favorite fishes!

Ever wonder what a jelly feels like? Experience it firsthand on this fun exploration of our Open Sea wing, home to our largest exhibit and special exhibitions. Our guides highlight their favorite spots—plus a few sneak peeks behind the scenes.

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Love sharks? Join us just before we open our doors to the public and discover over a dozen species of sharks, skates and rays that call the Aquarium home! Are sea otters your favorite animal? You aren't alone!

White Shark Diving Co.

These are common misunderstandings about sharks. No, a shark is not a mammal like whales, nor is it a reptile like alligators. A shark is actually a fish!

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Sharks are cartilaginous fish , meaning that their skeletons are made entirely of cartilage the same squishy material that is found in our human nose and ears. Perfectly named, a Whale Shark can grow to be as large as a school bus! They can grow 10 inches a year until they reach 12 to 14 feet. It could fit into the palm of your hand. The ocean whitetip is the most common: this large shark is numerous in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

It inhabits the North Atlantic in the millions. The Shortfin Mako Shark is the fastest species of shark to date and can swim up to 65mph over kph! Yes, amazingly well.