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Hindi Italian. Portuguese Spanish. Verb Table intransitive verb auxiliary 'sein' to stagger zur Seite to sway. You may also like. German Quiz. Word Lover's. NEW from. The Paul Noble. Example sentences including taumeln. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…. Die Tageszeitung David, Wolfgang Brennaburg. Der Spiegel. Trends of taumeln. In other languages taumeln. How could I bear it?

How can I endure it now? Spiteful Day with ready envy could part us with its tricks but no longer mislead us with guile. Its vain glory, its flaunting display are mocked by those to whom Night has granted sight. The fleeting flashes of its flickering light no longer dazzle us. Wie ertrug ich's nur? Wie ertrag ich's noch? Amid the vain fancy of Day he still harbours one desire - the yearning for sacred Night where, all-eternal, true alone, love's bliss smiles on him!

Chapter 7 - German Literature and Religion 1945 to the Present Day

Night soon melts away. Tristan's love? Habet acht! Bald entweicht die Nacht. Tristans Liebe?

Sei mir gegrüsst | Oxford Lieder

Yours and mine, Isolde's love? What strokes of death could ever make it yeld? If mighty Death stood before me threatening the very life in my body which I would so gladly leave for love, how could it reach love itself? Were I to give my life to that for which I would so gladly die, how could love die with me, the ever-living end with me? And if his love were never to die how could Tristan die of his love? This sweet little word: and , would death not destroy the bonds of love which it entwines if Tristan were to die?

Tristan with a meaningful gesture, gently draws Isolde to him Dein' und mein', Isoldes Liebe? Night soon gives way to Day. Schon weicht dem Tag die Nacht.

Gedichterbe | AGF aka poemproducer aka Antye Greie

Gloriously sublime Night of love! Those whom you have embraced, upon whom you have smiled, how could they ever waken without fear? Now banish dread, sweet death, yearned for, longed for death-in-love! In your arms, consecrated to you, sacred elemental quickening force, free from the peril of waking! How to grasp it, how to leave it, this bliss far from the sun's, far from Day's parting sorrows! Free from delusion gentle yearning, free from fearing sweet longing.

Free from sighing sublime expiring. Free from languishing enclosed in sweet darkness. No evasion no parting, just we alone, ever home, in unmeasured realms of ecstatic dreams. Hehr erhabne Liebesnacht! Nun banne das Bangen, holder Tod, sehnend verlangter Liebestod! In deinen Armen, dir geweiht, urheilig Erwarmen, von Erwachens Not befreit! Kurwenal, Brangaene, Mark, Melot and Courtiers. Brangaene emits a shrill cry. Horrified, he casts a glance offstage. Mark, Melot and courtiers in hunting dress come rapidly from the avenue of trees and stop in horror at the sight of the lovers.

Brangaene climbs down from the tower and runs to Isolde.

Isolde, involuntarily seized by a sense of shame, leans back, her face turned aside, on the flowery bank. Tristan, also in spite of himself, raises his cloak on his arm so that it conceals Isolde from the sight of those just arrived. He remains in this position for a long period, unmoving, his cold gaze fixed on the men who, in various attitudes, fasten their eyes on him. To give you my pledge with my head as the bond? I have shown him to you in the very act; your name and honour I have loyally preserved from disgrace.

English translation of 'taumeln'

MARK in a state of profound shock, in a trembling voice Have you indeed? Is that what you think? Look at him there, the most faithful of the loyal. Cast your eyes upon him, the dearest of friends. His loyalty's freest deed pierced my heart with its hostile treachery! If Tristan betrayed me, am I to hope that what his treachery has cost me should by Melot's counsel honestly be restored to me?

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  • Fantastic dream! Deceitful and desolate! Fade away! Give way! MARK deeply affected This to me? This, Tristan, to me?

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    Whither has loyalty fled now that Tristan has betrayed me? Das dir zum Pfand ich gab, ob ich mein Haupt gewahrt? Ich zeigt' ihn dir in offner Tat: Namen und Ehr' hab ich getreu vor Schande dir bewahrt. Sieh ihn dort, den treuesten aller Treuen; blick auf ihn, den freundlichsten der Freunde: seiner Treue freister Tat traf mein Herz mit feindlichstem Verrat! Dies, Tristan, mir? Wohin nun Ehr' and honesty, now that the champion of all honour, Tristan, has lost it?

    As Tristan appointed himself its emblem, where has virtue flown to, fleeing from my friend, from Tristan, who has betrayed me? Tristan slowly lowers his gaze; while Mark continues there can be read in his expression growing sadness Why did you serve me for so long? Why the reputation of honour, the power and greatness which you won for King Mark?

    Hafis & Goethe (german translation by Hans Bethge)

    Did the honour and renown, greatness and power, the services beyond number, have to be repaid by Mark's dishonour? Did you value so lightly his gratitude which gave you as your very own inheritance that which you had won for him, his renown and his Kingdom? When, childless, his wife died, he loved you so much that never again did Mark intend to wed.