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Corona beer is often served with a lime wedge on the rim. Renaissance Festivals or Fairs are an entertainment phenomenon that began in Southern California in the s and spread first to the rest of California and then the nation. Ah yes, the New Brighton Lumberjack Days. New Brighton is a small suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lumberjack Days are a civic celebration with tree harvesting as a theme. There are usually various log chopping competitions. Go Blaze! The show ran from ; Blaze appeared from One of their games was t he Joust, in which opponents tried to knock each other off a high balance beam using a large padded staff that resembled a giant Q-tip.

Q-tips is a brand of cotton-tipped swab used to clean the wax from your ears. So Michael McDonald is fighting the guy from Loverboy? Michael McDonald was the lead singer for the Doobie Brothers in their late period, from When the group disbanded, he launched a successful solo career.

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Leon Russell. Find the lady, find the lady, come on. This is a reference to the common street betting scam three card monte, also known as find the lady. The scam focuses on three playing cards, two aces and one Queen.

The con man appears to mix them randomly face down, when in reality he knows exactly where he places the cards and uses that knowledge to cheat the players in various ways. See previous note on Leon Russell. A Power Rangers coin, everyone.

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The kids show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had its own lore as to where the team got their superpowers. This included a series of golden power coins made by the ninja master Ninjor, each emblazoned with a dinosaur. And the Raiders have elected to receive … [echo] In NFL football, a coin is tossed to determine who gets the initial possession of the ball, whether the team will kick or receive, and which end of the field they will defend. Manly, yes, but I like it, too. Will the people from Dr.

Quinn, Medicine Woman please clear the set? Quinn, Medicine Woman was a TV series starring Jane Seymour as a female doctor in a frontier town; it ran from Yeah, I know Merlin personally. Merlin was the magician in the English legends of King Arthur. He is generally portrayed as an adviser to Arthur.

He was done in by his student and lover Nimue, who imprisoned him forever in a tree. Elizabeth Taylor threw this at me. Taylor sold the diamond in , following her divorce from Burton; she used the proceeds to build a hospital in Botswana. The books were becoming increasingly popular among the hippie crowd following the belated release of a paperback edition in the mids. The trilogy was not all that widely read or well-regarded for decades after it was published. Ah, the Michigan Militia.

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After militia groups fell into disrepute following the Oklahoma City bombing in , the organization fell into decline and was largely defunct by Get a tennis racquet! A reference to the comedy movie The Great Outdoors , in which Dan Aykroyd and John Candy go to battle with a rogue bat in a cabin using tennis racquets. And a fishing net. And a broom. And a wastebasket. And a flyswatter. Save the turkey drumsticks. See above note on Renaissance Festivals.

Deaths are relatively rare 16 people in the past century , but injuries are not— to per year, most of them minor. Also see above note on Renaissance Festivals. Whoo hoo, sorry boss, I got weak ankles. Someone grab the gate receipts. Carrot Top, no!

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Kitaro is a Japanese composer known for his New Age synthesizer pieces. Does this mean the Alpine horn demonstration is postponed? Twenty-three skidoo, rah rah. This refers to a fashion craze of the Roaring Twenties known as the raccoon coat. The cheap, full-length fur coats became trendy on college campuses and at their football games. Dick Button was a famous Olympic gold medal winner in figure skating in and In the Olympics, he became the first skater to complete a double axel jump in competition, as well as the youngest man to win the gold in figure skating; in , he was the first to land a triple jump of any kind.

His original spinning move was known as the Button Camel. He is a popular color man for the sport on TV. He forgot his Espadrilles. Sometimes the word is applied generally to all manner of sneakers and casual shoes. Wow, she runs like Natrone Means. Natrone Means was an NFL football running back during the s.

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He retired in and began coaching college football in Oh, sorry, I thought you were Dale. So basically they goofed. But the writers thought they were making a reference to the Ivory Liquid commercials. T-minus four seconds to an emotion? Just super. Branson, Missouri. Branson is a city in southwestern Missouri.

Or Fridley. The small town of Fridley, Minnesota, is a suburb of Minneapolis-St. I ask you, Morton Kondracke. Morton Kondracke is an American political journalist, columnist, and pundit, best known for appearing on The McLaughlin Group Pitchblende, bauxite. These are both mineral ores. Pitchblende, now known as uraninite, is a radioactive, uranium-rich ore, and bauxite is the source mineral for aluminum. Oh no, this is a sequel to something. This is the second sequel to the original Deathstalker movie, which was released in Andy Travis, hero. The part of program director Andy Travis was played by Gary Sandy.

I haven't got any syphilis that I know of. Syphilis is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is curable by penicillin, but was a major killer before modern medicine developed antibiotics. Its symptoms in untreated sufferers can be horrendous, including widespread rashes and sores, disfiguring tumors, and dementia. A little Drakkar Noir. Please, sir, may I have a blanket? This is a paraphrase of a line from the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist , in which Oliver, an orphan, asks for another helping of gruel and finds himself thrown out of the orphanage.

Rampart General Hospital was the base of operations for a group of doctors and paramedics in the NBC medical action drama Emergency! It ran from Rampart is a district of Los Angeles. Sheboygan is a medium-sized town in central Wisconsin, known for their incredible cheddar cheese.

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The main ingredient in antiperspirants is known as aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly. It is a crystal that is normally ground to a powder, but whole crystals are sometimes sold at health food stores as a natural deodorant. Mary Lou Retton could act better than her. She has a couple of minor TV credits to her name, including an appearance on Baywatch in which she played herself. She was the first female athlete to appear on a Wheaties box.

Robert Foxworth. He also appeared in the film Damian: Omen II Sounds like the bird has a lavalier mic that he runs through a grunge box before he puts it through to the preamp.

It is less cumbersome than a hand-held mic. A grunge box is a distortion pedal used mostly by rock guitars. Fifty seven oracles and nothing on. An imitation of the over-the-top commercials for Monster Truck Rallies that take place at large venues like the Minneapolis Metrodome. It is based on the real-life Robosaurus, a semi-trailer truck that transforms into a forty-foot robotic dinosaur.

In he became the youngest man ever to win Wimbledon a record that stood for nine years , and famously retired at the shockingly early age of Sir Douglas Brackman rules their kingdom.